GDPR & Double Image’s Privacy Policy

Our new privacy policy, in line with GDPR regulation, can be seen here;

Double Image Privacy Policy  May 2018

Double Image Photography understands the importance of looking after client’s data and images.  In line with GDPR regulation, from May 2018 our privacy policy and use of data and images will be as specified in this privacy policy.

Client Data

Double Image Photography collects customer data at the time a person becomes a customer of Double Image.

Data is stored digitally on a database and in paper form. Collected data includes name, address, telephone numbers, email address. Client information is entered onto a database and paper customer forms, along with paper copies of order information, are stored in a locked filing cabinet.  All data is retained for a minimum of 7 years.

Data Security

The client database is stored on a separate external hard drive and is password protected.  The database is backed up onto a memory stick used exclusively for this reason and stored in a locked filing cabinet.

Access to Client Data

Access is restricted to employees of Double Image Photography. All employees and sub-contracted staff are required to read and sign a document to say they understand and will adhere to Double Image’s privacy policy.

Transfer of Data

Any transfer of data will be recorded on the data transfer record.

Marketing Data

Double Image requires permission from clients to add their details to the marketing database.  This is done using the relevant section on the Customer Form.  Clients agreeing to receive marketing information from us will have their name and email address added to our Mailchimp service.  Mailchimp is an email marketing company and is GDPR compliant.

Client data is never sold, shared or passed on to third parties.

Clients always have the right to remove their details from marketing lists either by contacting Double Image Photography or by using the ‘Unsubscribe’ link on the bottom of marketing emails and newsletter.

Please note, marketing contact is different from general contact by Double Image Photography in connection with the day to day client & supplier relationship.


Storage of Client Images

Images are our business so it’s vital we store and create back-ups of client’s photos.

Images are stored on a server in folders with client names and are kept for a minimum of 3 months.  All images are backed up to a separate external hard drive which is only connected to the network in order to back-up image files.

Other forms of back-up for images may include CD, DVD or memory stick USB. Back–up drives and disks are stored securely.

Once orders are completed, images are removed from our main storage server and moved to external hard drives or DVD.  All images kept in this way are recorded on an archive record spreadsheet.

Images may be back-up to cloud storage and this is hosted by a specialist, professional host company which is GDPR compliant.

Online Galleries for Client Images

Online client galleries are hosted by a specialist company which is GDPR compliant. Permission is required by Double Image Photography from clients to upload images to a client gallery and the gallery can be password protected with a unique password for each client.

Ordering and Transfer of Images

Double Image uses a number of external suppliers for products. Images are transferred for production purposes.  External print & product companies and other suppliers are GDPR compliant.

General Security of Documents and Images

Double Image Photography run a weekly back-up system for the server where all files are stored, including image files. External back-up drives are stored securely and separately from the main server.

Use of Client Images for Marketing

Client permission is required for Double Image Photography to use client images for marketing purposes and this should be indicated on the relevant section of the Customer Form.

Images may be used in the following way;

Display in the studio, website, social media, portfolio, marketing or other literature, exhibitions, competitions, slideshows, advertising.

The client has the right to change their mind at any time and this can be done by contacting Double Image Photography by phone, email or in writing.

Children aged 13 years and above will also be asked for permission for their images to be used and this should be completed on the customer form.

Images may be used for other reasons, for example entry into competitions.  In this case, a separate permission form may be required.

Client Data Collected via Competitions, Exhibitions, Promotions or Other Methods

Client data collected from other methods will be treated with utmost care. Data may be collected from entry to competitions, sign-ups for promotions, at events. The data collected is entered onto a spreadsheet for data management purposes. 

Clients will be contacted via email and/or telephone.  The information stored will be kept for 3 months and then destroyed.  Customers who become clients of Double Image Photography will then be entered onto the database and the above system will be used for their data (see Client Data section). 

There is a section on all sign up forms online or promotional printed forms to agree or decline being contacted for marketing purposes. Clients who have agreed to be contacted in future for marketing purposes will be added to the database for marketing purposes.

Client Rights to Data Information & Removal

Clients can request to be informed of the details of any data & images held by Double Image Photography.  Requests can be made by email, telephone, in writing or in person to the following contact points;

Philippa Double

Double Image Photography, 21 Chilwell Road, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1EH

0115 9252725

Double Image will respond within 30 days of receipt of the enquiry. 


Removal of Client Data

Clients can request that their data is removed by contacting Double Image Photography via the above methods. 

Data will be removed with 30 days unless, for contractual reasons, it cannot be removed until the statutory period of storage has passed.  Clients will be informed accordingly and notified when data has been removed.


Contact for Enquiries about Double Image Privacy Policy:

Philippa Dytham-Double, Double Image, 21 Chilwell Road, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1EH

Telephone: 0115 9252725 or 07808 620436


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